Author: Joshua Mitchell

14 February 2021

Why You Need to Do Google Optimization

Google is the number one search engine and you can be an expert in this arena. The way to rise to the top involves several processes, but the basics are constant throughout. You need to do keyword research, create a title and lead, write compelling content and lastly optimize your web page. However, all of these are very important because you have to gain visibility […]

13 February 2021

What is Google Search Ranking Optimization Strategy?

A Google Ranking is a relationship between two things, usually items like “rated higher than” and “rated lower than”, the first being, “usually more popular than”, “more valuable than” and “more searched for” than the second. A Google Ranking is based on many different factors, but mainly it relies on the quality of the website’s content. This is how Google helps determine an individual’s or […]