13 February 2021

Social Media Marketing – An Effective Strategy For Business Growth

By Vanessa Wright

Social media marketing is essentially the online use of various social media networks and sites to promote a business or service. Although the terms internet marketing and e-marketing are very synonymous in academic circles, social media marketing is fast becoming more popular among researchers and practitioners alike. There are many benefits and advantages to marketing through social media. It is possible to reach a greater and wider audience with little effort and much less expense than most other marketing methods. Moreover, the benefits of social media marketing to your business are many and varied:

* Engagement – social media marketing can deliver much more than simple backlinks and one-way traffic. Social media allows you to engage your audience in an interactive environment that often generates more engagement than a sales pitch ever could. Twitter for example, allows your followers to tweet anything – including tweets on your company’s products and services. This way, your customers can “tweet” about your products, and you can get immediate responses from the people who follow them, leading to more engagement and ultimately, conversions.

* Cost-Effective – If you’re looking for an effective strategy to increase your company’s revenue, social media marketing can be highly cost-effective. Most platforms, even the most basic free ones like Facebook and Twitter, are packed with advertisements, and therefore, there is little room left for other costs. In comparison to the pay-per-click and SEO strategies, there is not much of a cost-effective strategy available on the Internet. On top of that, some of the best strategies to drive traffic onto a site – like Facebook – require very minimal fees. Thus, by using free platforms to promote your business, you can cut down on the overall cost of establishing a solid social media marketing strategy.